Yaad hai mujhe wo garmi ki dopahriyaan
Cooler ki thandi havaayen aur Baba ki kahaniyaan
Ek kahaani sunaya karte mujhe wo aksar
Ummeed karke mujhse samajhdaari ki

Kahani waqt ki thi
Mere, tumhare, hum sab ke waqt ki thi
Bolte the
Waqt ki choti usske sarr ke saamne hoti hai

Par uss waqt main nadaan tha
Waqt ki ahamiyat se anjaan tha
Unki kahaani sunke waqt kaa ek
Bada hi cartooni sa chitr mann me kaundh jaata tha

Aur meri kalpana jab udaan bharti
To meel kya farlaang kya
Dariya, pahaad sabb faand jaati
Aur kahaani ki khilli bani reh jaati

Aaj Baba nahin hain
Par unki kahaniyaan hain sada
Waqt badla hai shayad thoda saa
Mere, tumhare, hum sab ke liye

Par ajeeb baat to yeh hai ki
Jo kahaani unhone
Kuchh seekh ke liye sunai thi
Aaj bhi utni hi bemaani lagti hai

Umar ke saath samajh aayi hai
Par kalpana ke par aur bhi buland huye hain

Tabhi to unhi palon me jee raha hun
Jo pata nahi kab ke guzar chuke hain
Aur unn palon ka intezaar karr raha hun
Jo shayad mere waqt me kabhi nahi aayenge

Wakai, waqt se kitna aage nikal aaya hun main…

(Dedicated to Baba and like all my poems, to you)
(Self composed)

(The moral of story was waqt ki choti usske sarr ke aage hoti hai,
use pakadne ke liye usse aage nikalna padta hai)

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Dhadkan me ek thirkan hai
Badla saa andaaz-e-chaman hai
Chubhan bhi na deti abb shikan hai
Pehli baar hui aisi lagan hai

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Ek sawaal

Ek sawaal poochta hun main
Jawaab aata ho to zaroor batana
Kya saans leta hun isliye tumhari yaaden aati hain
Yaa firr tumhari yaaden aati hain isliye saans le raha hun

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When you hear, a voice that speaks
In a melody, words completely unheard
You try to belie it, falsify it, deny it
Calling it wrong, weird or even absurd

When you feel, a touch that lingers
From deep inside your heart
To the tip of your fingers
And you know you’ve made a start

When you hear, your heart that beats
More beats in a minute than it thus far throbbed
You have found the one to blame it on
For your peace of mind my friend, has been completely robbed

When your mind starts speaking, to you in rhymes
This dear, is precisely the sign
But don’t worry, there lie ahead really happy times
‘Cause on you, felicity has a brilliant design

When you want to play with the tress on her cheeks
And the sheer volumes a little glance speaks
And when you start seeing her in that wedding dress
confess, Confess, CONFESS!!

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Jee ki chahat

Jee chahta hai kahin
Khwahishon ke kaafiley se door chala jaaoon
Itna door ki unke dhoondhne par bhi
Door door tak nazar na aaoon

Itna door ki
Saath bass tumhara tasavvur ho
Aur tanhai me
Meri tishnagi ke saare gum kaafoor hon

Hijr sah sakne ki haisiyat nahi hai meri
Isiliye to jee chahta hai
Taaumr naa tumhe mujhse
Koi bhi shikayat ho

Kaano suni baaton par
Aitbaar karne ki saza kaat chuka hun
Tabhi to jee chahta hai
Aainda naa badnaam meri neeyat ho

Ummeed se jo roshan kiya hai
Tumne mera mann aangan
Uski khaatir dua karta hun
Harsoo tumhare liye barkat ho

Jee chahta hai ek baar
Ek baar zor se ro loon
Aur apne inn aansuon ko
Apni hi aasteen se ponchh loon

Par meri ummeeden tumhi se hain
Aur ummeedon ke saamne
Nahi tootna chahta main ki
Kahin unhe hi naa tod doon

To jab tak tumhara tasavvur
Mera saath nibhayega
Meri hasrat nahi hai ki
Kharaab uski tabiyat ho

Bhale hi rona mere jee ki
Iss waqt pehli chahat ho

(Self composed)

Word meanings
Tasavvur : Imagination
Tishnagi : Thirst, desire
Hijr : Separation
Kafoor : Vanish
Harsoo : Everywhere
Neeyat : Intentio

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Some FAQs

OK. So what is it about Urdu that you have started writing in Urdu without ever actually having written in Hindi/English, let alone Urdu?
Well, there are two main reasons why I chose to write in Urdu, those being :
>> I find Urdu much more romantic ,mystic and charming than English.
>> I could have written in English as well but I wanted to write something new and unheard of (at least for me). And considering the innumerable no of love songs I’ve heard, I’d probably have ended up mish mashing a few of them to make my stuff. I didn’t want that to happen.

So do you know Urdu
As of now, I don’t know much of it but I’m learning fast, thanks to online resources and my dear friend Afroz.

What next after Urdu – Chinese?
Knowing how crazy I am, I wouldn’t rule that out altogether. But as of know let us just say that I’d be satisfied if I spent my life learning, knowing and understanding Urdu. Who knows, mebbe I’ll go on to charm chinki girls in my next life!

Who do you write for? I mean are these poems dedicated to someone?
A1 : Why would I tell
you that now?!
A2 : Duh!

When do you get time to pen these down?
Never actually, I just sit in front of my computer for 15 mins and type them down. Mebbe that’s why they have a raw, unprocessed feel about them. I’ll edit them when I get some time off.

You started all of a sudden, me thinks you will stop all this sudden too (writing).
Keep coming back dear, I ain’t going nowhere. This was a habit that was bound to begin. Now that the cat’s out, its gonna tour the world!

(And finally, a request)
Can I use these to dedicate to “him” or “her”?
Go on mate, what are you waiting for?!

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Saraab ka Khwaab

Kya kabhi saraab dekha hai
Sawaal unke liye hai jinhone kabhi khwaab dekha hai
Humse mat poochiye janaab dekha hai
Humne to saraab bhi do-aab dekha hai

Saraab me ek gulaab dekha hai
Gulaab bhi bahut nayaab dekha hai
Ahiste se chadhta uska shabaab dekha hai
Iztiraab se utarta uska hijaab dekha hai

Khud ko hote huye betaab dekha hai
Jism-o-jaan me hota hua ek inquilaab dekha hai
Aftaab ko use karte huye adaab dekha hai
Mahtaab ko use karte be-naqaab dekha hai

Saari hasraton ko hota kamyaab dekha hai
Uski aankhon me jahaan ke saari sharaab dekha hai
Armaanon ka umadta hua sailaab dekha hai
Deewaanepann ka hume milta khitaab dekha hai

Kabhi humari aankhon se dekh ke dekhiye janaab
Aap bhi kahenge shadaab, kya lajawaab dekha hai!

(Original composition)

Word Meanings
Saraab : Mirage
Iztiraab : Anxiety
Aftaab : Sun
Mahtaab : Moonlight
Khitaab : Prize
Hijaab : Veil

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Loneliness won’t find me again

Loneliness is always on the lookout for friends
People who are as lonely as loneliness himself
And once it finds you, it is known to stay
For like love, loneliness can also find his ways

Sometime back we used to be best friends
Spent some quality time together
Had loads to tell each other
He was there with me wherever I went

All this time, I did not know who he was
The loneliness, that was dreaded by people
And I was having the time of my life with him
Knowing just that I had a good friend who’ll never leave me

But I guess I spoke too soon
For ever since I met you, I haven’t met loneliness
I must have aggravated him really
Because he is not known to show his back on his friends

Now, you have taken the place of loneliness in my life
For even though you are not near me in person
You are always with me in my thoughts
Never a moment goes by in which there’s not a thought of you

And so I know, that in finding you I have lost a good friend
For loneliness is known to appear only to those who think of him
And not do I think of loneliness these days
Because my every breath reminds me of you…

(Self composed)

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Mat sone do mujhe

Band aankhon se dikhte hain anginat khwaab
Khwaab aise jinhe poora karna shayad meri kuvvat se bahar hai
Ya shayad jinki hasrat rakhna meri haisiyat se pare hai
Inn khwabon ki kaifiyat me kho ke main haqeeqat nahi bhulana chahta

Nahi dekhna chahta aise khwab jinhe asliyat ki shakal na de sakoon
Nahi sunnna chahta wo alfaaz jo roz unhi khwaabon me sunnta hun
Nahi kehna chahta wo lafz jo roz unme tumse kehta hun
Kyunki darta hun shayad haqeeqat me unka koi matlab hi naa nikle

Jagna chahta hun main
Itna jitna koi aur nahi jaagta
Kyunki jo khwaab maine dekhe hain
Shayad hi kissi aur ne dekhe honge

Karvaten badal badal ke thak chuka hun
Shayad mera bistar bhi uub chuka hoga
Tabhi ekmusht neend nahi deta hai mujhe
Aur deta hai tumhare khayaal

Isliye tumse meri ye itljaa hai aye kaafir
Agar main rota hun, to rone do mujhe
Par agar main sota hun
To mat sone do mujhe

(Self composed)

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